Learning Partnerships – A Unifying Promise

The conversations heard after Mayor de Blasio’s education speech last week have been centered on college readiness, reading interventionists, computer science, and charter-district collaboration. All good things. Whether his plan is either practical, attainable, or a feasible substitute for widespread public education reform, remains to be seen. Some public schools are doing better than others. The idea that we should take a school that excels in one area and a schools that has a deficit in that same area, and connect them, isn’t a new concept. NYSED Dissemination Grants have had some great successes with district-charter partnerships, but they require all hands on deck to support the collab

District – Charter Collaboration in NYC: Past, Present and Yet-to-Come

by Stacey Gauthier, Principal, The Renaissance Charter School It is encouraging to see the Mayor acknowledge the important work that is being accomplished in public charter schools across NYC as well as promoting how this work can and should be shared with district schools. His investment to support collaboration and best practice sharing, first implemented through the Chancellor’s Learning Partners program which included some charter schools, and now with the new initiative presented at his Educational Forum, is certainly a positive step from his administration in ensuring that we foster dialogue among all schools – regardless of whether they are charter or district – around what works to

Independent Charter Schools And The CECs

In 2005, the Bloomberg Administration began the selection of parents to serve on the newly instituted Community Education Councils (CECs) in the 32 New York City community school districts. CECs are charged with “promoting student achievement, advising and commenting on educational policies, and providing input to the Chancellor and the Panel for Education Policy (PEP) on matters that concern the school district (which includes support for new charter schools).” As the CEC application went out across the five boroughs and staff from the Department of Education actively recruited parents, charter school parents were clearly not included in the outreach and recruitment, and, in most cases, are

Fall Kickoff Recap

The New York City Coalition of Community Charter schools hosted a Fall Kickoff meeting on Wednesday, September 16th. Attendees included independent charter school leaders from across the city, representatives from charter school advocacy groups, and a special appearance by the New York City Public, Advocate Letitia James. Public Advocate James spoke about finding common ground, and the importance of education as the great equalizer. She expressed her interest in working with independent charter schools and seemed eager for the Coalition to share our stories, and our data to illustrate the inequities we are battling in the charter sector. She stated, “It’s my job to stand up for all New Yorke

C3S Fall Membership Meeting Agenda!

The New York City Coalition of Community Charter Schools Fall Membership Meeting Wednesday, September 16, 2015 5:00pm-7:00pm AGENDA 5:10-5:15 Welcome: Dr. Richard Welles 5:15-5:20 Letitia James, New York City Public Advocate 5:25-5:25 James Merriman: Reflections on the Sector 5:25-5:35 Families for Excellent Schools Program 5:35-5:40 Transition Committee Report 5:45-5:50 Upcoming Events 5:50-5:55 Parent Outreach Plan 5:50-6:00 Vote to Approve New C3S Board 6:00-6:30 Work Groups: Sharing our Successes* 6:30-7:00 Networking & refreshments ***The Coalition requests that all attendees bring an example of their success in one of the following domains: whole child education, community s

Congratulations Storefront Academy South Bronx Charter School!

Storefront Academy South Bronx Charter School celebrated its opening on September 8th with a ribbon cutting ceremony. The event was attended by students, parents, and New York State Assemblywoman Carmen E. Arroyo. The school is opening with 100 students in kindergarten and first grade with plans to expand to serve 288 students in grades k-5 in its fifth year.

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