A Principal (and Former Union Insider) Reflects on 25 Years of NYC’s ‘Exhausting’ Charter Wars

The New York City Coalition of Community Charter Schools was established just as Mayor Bill de Blasio took office in 2014. Your school is a member and you serve on the board. You and others in the coalition visited City Hall several times to talk with the administration about more funding for independent charters, among other concerns. What was that like, and has that relationship been fruitful? It was frustrating because several of us spent a lot of time meeting and really trying to talk about the charter movement in a different way. … I think that when de Blasio came in, he and the chancellor to some degree, painted all charter schools with a broad brush. And I think several of us came in

It’s Not Your Side or My Side: If There’s a Hole in the Boat, Let’s Fix it!

Michael Mulgrew must be bored. After a successful campaign to dissociate test scores from teacher evaluations, the UFT president is looking for another battle. But this new battle is without merit. Mulgrew is proposing legislation that would penalize charter schools that do not reach targeted enrollment numbers for ELL and special education students. The punishments range from school closure to fines for infractions. Is he working for the FCC now? The NFL? If I wear pink sneakers on the field, will I have to pay a $50,000 fine? If XYZ Charter School only enrolls 11.9% ELLs, will it be shuttered in shame for missing the target? Let’s not pretend that this is about leveling the playing field f

UFT Goes For The Legislative Throat In Battle With Charters

The United Federation of Teachers yesterday proposed state legislation that will require charter schools to accept and keep comparable numbers of high-needs students as traditional public schools or risk reductions in state funding, state renewals, expansions or new schools and — for repeated offenses — forfeiting their charters. But charter school leaders and advocates were quick to call the UFT proposal a cynical attempt at putting the brakes on the ever expanding charter network. The union’s proposal comes just weeks into Albany’s legislative session began and after the State University of New York has launched an investigation into the discipline policies at controversial charter school

Traditional Public Schools, Charters React To Cuomo Education Budget

Also supporting the education side of the budget was the The New York City Coalition of Community Charter Schools (C3S), an advocacy group for over 50 public independent charter schools. “C3S applauds Governor Cuomo’s decision to increase charter school support and to unfreeze the charter school funding formula. Furthermore, C3S cheer the Governor’s proposal to make rental assistance for New York City charter schools permanent. Both of these proposals are steps towards equal funding for all New York City public school students,” the organization said in a statement. “If enacted, the Governor’s budget is a beginning to finally redress the long-standing deficits in funding for public educat

School Profile: Dr. Richard Izquierdo Health & Science Charter School

Dr. Richard Izquierdo Health & Science Charter School is a 6th – 12th grade community charter school, now in its 7th year. Next year we will be fully enrolled with the addition of a 12th grade class. We welcome scholars with IEPs and have a 22% SPED population which is higher than our district average. We have 12% ELLs and we are actively working on expanding this number and developing a dual-language program that will begin in September of 2016. Our school is located in the South Bronx and shares a DOE building with two public schools. DRIHSCS's institutional partner is the Urban Health Plan, which is the 22nd largest community health plan in the United States. Dr. Izquierdo, who founded th

Ain't No Excuse: how we discipline is who we are

An article published in yesterday’s New York Times announced that the principal who had purportedly created a “got-to-go” list of kids to be “counseled out” of a Success Academy charter school in Brooklyn was taking a leave of absence. But there is no closure, much less moral triumph in this episode—certainly not for the many independent charter schools in NYC that go to great lengths to work with and keep all their students in school and who are continually associated in the public eye with the practices of no-excuses charter schools. Instead, it brought back the recent memory of a hideously twisted Daily News editorial about this teachable moment. The headline, Democrats vs. charters: Prog

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