October 30, 2015

The ongoing pitched battles between the Success Academy (SA) Charter Schools network and the de Blasio Administration took a turn towards an all-out public relations war with the city’s 1.1 million public school students held hostage in the middle.


That after SA announced today they are filing a lawsuit to fight the City’s decision to withhold funding for their children’s pre-k classes in three of their schools including tw...

October 29, 2015


President Obama’s pronouncements on testing were a welcome relief. They were also, perhaps, too little too late. A lot of damage has been done in the name of accountability and it’s an open question as to when our schools will fully recover. It took years to turn them into test-prep factories; turning them back into places of wonder and learning may take longer.


The fact that Obama felt obligated to say anything at all is not...

October 22, 2015


As Mayor De Blasio grapples with the growing homeless problem in New York City, the Department of Education is also faced with a similar challenge of insuring the students identified as homeless in New York City are also being served.  According to the Institute for Children, Poverty and Homelessness August 2015 report, The Atlas of Student Homelessness in New York City, there were over 84,000 students during the 2013-14 school...


The Renaissance Charter School’s first valedictorian has returned to the fold as a social studies teacher.


José Mane, 34, was part of this Jackson Heights, Queens, school’s inaugural graduating class in 1999. Now that he’s teaching classes, Mane said there’s just as much focus on student success as when he was taking classes.


“There was something really special about what this school provided for me — it gave me direction and i...

October 16, 2015


​​In 2014, New York City’s budget office released a report making the claim that attrition among charter schools of special education students was higher than their district public school counterparts. Charter school critics, including Mayor deBlasio and Chancellor Fariña, jumped on this opportunity to suggest that charter schools pushed out lower performing students in order to increase test scores.


The following year, however...

October 8, 2015


I like the new UFT television ad. I like the beautiful mosaic of students and parents and teachers. And I like the image at the end of Michael Mulgrew surrounded by kids exhorting us all to join them. Positive, uplifting messaging.


So, I’m at a loss to explain why Mulgrew wants to pick yet another fight with charter schools, this time over a new provision in the charter law that makes it easier for our staff to send their child...

October 2, 2015

Here are some numbers to mull:


So, let’s start by debunking one of the great charter schools myths. Are we serving children with special needs? Indeed, we are. Overall, independent charters are nearly at parity with the city, and our numbers are 25% higher than the networks. Our enrollment of EL’s is not yet where we want it to be, but many of us have put great effort into changing that and, I believe that once we take a deeper...

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