Making Millions (of Numbers)
from Next to Nothing

This workshop will examine a way of engaging students in a study of numeration that yields a remarkable level of competence with minimal reliance on memorization. Participants will encounter an instructional approach, the subordination of teaching to learning, exemplified by an elegant game to play with primary grade students. The activity leads, in a few hours, to mastery of reading and writing numerals into the millions, while at the same time providing a platform to investigate place value, The pedagogy, originated by Dr. Caleb Gattegno in the early 1960’s, uses subject matter as a vehicle to keep students in touch with their abundant, innate learning powers.


Dr. Ted Swartz is currently the Director of Professional Development for the two Bronx Charter Schools for Better Learning (BBL).  He was the lead applicant and founder of BBL and, for a few years, served as a board member and Executive Director.  Previously Dr. Swartz was a Superintendent of Schools, a principal, an educational consultant and a teacher, from the elementary grades through college.  He earned his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology/Special Education at
New York University.