Community-based Accountability

Community-based accountability is a means of engaging stakeholders in the process of goal setting for schools and putting indicators in place to assess progress toward these goals. In this session, you’ll learn strategies for engaging community in the dialogue; how to select indicators and metrics used to evaluate progress toward goals; and discuss the role that authorization can play by integrating these factors into school accountability.


Dr. John Cronin is the Vice President of Education Research at NWEA. He is an expert on issues related to testing and its impact on school accountability and teacher evaluation practices.  Dr. Cronin has been a consultant for the U.S. Department of Education, the Texas Association of School Administrators, the NYS Council of School Superintendents, the National Association of Elementary School Principals and others on issues related to testing and accountability.  Dr. Cronin holds a Educational Studies from Emory University and has been a featured blogger on Huffington Post. 

William Haft is the founder and Managing Partner of Tandem Learning Partners where he works with schools and school systems to improve education for children. He founded and led the professional services division at the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) where he ran application processes for the likes of the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, Washington Charter School Commission, and Orleans Parish School Board; designed and led NACSA’s process for conducting formative authorizer evaluations of which NACSA has now conducted more than 70 nationally; and has advised dozens of authorizers on development and implementation of performance-based accountability systems. 

Verone Kennedy is the Executive Director of the NYC Office of Charter School Partnerships and Authorization. Upon completing his graduate studies at Sarah Lawrence College in the spring of 2000, Verone served as a U.F.T. Teacher Center Specialist. Later, he was selected to join the vanguard class of New York City’s Leadership Academy and was recruited to spearhead NYC’s Campaign for Middle School Success as Director of Middle School Initiatives working collaboratively to improve the quality of NYC’s 600+ middle schools. In 2010, Verone ventured outside of the D.O.E. to establish the Riverton Street Charter School.