Schools in our coalition are unified by the following principles:


We commit to serving students who reflect our communities and neighborhoods, particularly students with the greatest educational needs. We endeavor to make proactive, positive efforts to recruit, retain and serve the highest-need students, such as students with disabilities, English language learners, students from low-income backgrounds, and students with challenging life circumstances. We are determined to educate all of our students to the best of our ability, every day.


We believe that all students have the right to a high-quality education. Our parents, students, and caregivers choose our schools and trust that we will provide the best possible education. We support their right to make that choice, and will do everything in our power to fulfill our responsibilities so that there are more high-quality options available to New York City’s students.


We believe that parent, caregiver, and community engagement is essential to student success. As community charter schools, we are committed to informing our decision-making with feedback from our students, families and the community at-large. They are not our customers; they are our partners.


We reaffirm that charter schools are public schools. We are committed to transparency in our practices and accountability to our students, parents, government authorizers, and the public at-large. Our schools are open, welcoming, and responsive to our many stakeholders.


We seek out opportunities to collaborate. Successful educational practices abound in New York City, among district, charter, and independent schools. Schools in our coalition have established thriving partnerships with other schools and seek out opportunities to learn from and exchange ideas with our colleagues.


Our independence is a public trust. Our autonomy provides the freedom to innovate and differentiate. As a consequence, we have an obligation to research, develop and implement new ideas, practices and strategies. We must also tailor our instructional programs to the unique needs of our students. Moreover, we must share these practices, serving as a laboratory for all other public schools.