NYC Coalition of Community Charter Schools Applauds SUNY’s Approval of Four New Independent Charter

(New York, N.Y.) The New York City Coalition of Community Charter Schools (C3S) applauds the SUNY Board of Trustees and chairman Joseph Belluck’s commitment to innovative education. The four new charter schools will offer programs that embody the diversity of teaching and learning models that represent the original intent of the Charter Schools Act of 1998. Three of the four schools: The New York Center for Autism Bronx, The Urban Assembly Charter School for Computer Science, The Brilla College Preparatory Charter School at Highbridge will be in The Bronx. The fourth, Elmwood Village Charter School 2 will be in Buffalo. All of the schools are slated to open in 2017. Steven Zimmerman, co-director of C3S said: “This is a great day for New York State and for the independent charter school movement. We are very pleased to see the acknowledgement of the innovative work done by our indie charter schools and their contributions to public education. We look forward to building strong connections with these new schools.”


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