Vulnerable Populations? We’re All There Now

Those who attended the C3S Fall Kickoff were treated to a remarkable evening of conversations about vulnerable populations led by our speakers Betty Rosa, Danny Dromm, Ron Tabano and Stephen Falla Riff. It was a profound and touching event that brought out the best in us and in what we do.

Now, barely two months later, as we begin to emerge from the shadow of an election that has shaken us to our bones, the theme of that night “Serving Our Most Vulnerable Populations” strikes ever closer to home.

During the course of the campaign, our new president elect maligned or threatened nearly every one of the groups that we consider vulnerable. His words and demeanor were in direct contradiction to the inclusivity that is at the heart of the work that we do. And, in the aftermath of the vote, our own vulnerability has been exposed as well as the vulnerability of our democracy.

How we deal with adversity is the test of our character. The lessons that will be implicitly and explicitly taught in our schools will speak volumes about our belief in democracy and education.

Please share a lesson with the rest of us. What are you doing right now in your school, in your community, in your organizations to promote our shared democratic values and protect the most vulnerable among us?

Thanks, everyone. Please share something in the “message” box — it’s good for us to hear from each other.

Steve Zimmerman


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