The Bronx Charter School for Better Learning 2 Awarded The Dollar General Literacy Foundation Grant

The Bronx Charter School for Better Learning 2 (BBL 2) has been awarded a $4000 Dollar General Literacy Foundation Grant. This local grant is part of $4.5 million in youth literacy grants that Dollar General donates to approximately 1,000 organizations across America. These grants are distributed at the beginning of the school year, and aim to support teachers and schools so they can strengthen literacy instruction.

"By awarding these grants, the Dollar General Literacy Foundation demonstrates its commitment to making a meaningful impact in our local communities," said Todd Vasos, Dollar General's chief executive officer. "These grants provide funds to support youth literacy initiatives and educational programs throughout the communities we serve, to ensure a successful academic year for students."

Teachers at BBL 2 will use the funds to create a robust leveled reading program for first-grade students. A leveled library allows teachers to match a student's individual reading level with an appropriate level of text. This enables students to increase their vocabulary and comprehension skills, and promotes a sense of self-efficacy. The library will include texts on a variety of subjects in both fiction and non-fiction. The array of choices will allow our students to select titles that interest them. As part of our broader literacy training, we expect the Dollar Literacy titles will help children further develop their love of reading, as well as their engagement with individual stories and academic subjects.

Source: newsletter


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