February 11, 2016

Charter Schools are Public Schools. C3S supports all public education.


It’s true: persistence pays off. On March 2nd, Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan will host C3S and Education Committee members at a Legislative Breakfast meeting in Albany from 9:00 to 10:30 am. This presents us with a real opportunity to talk about our work as educators rather than to appear, as everyone does in Albany, solely as lobbyists looking for money. Yes, this opportunity arises at the time when we and other charter school advocates are looking to do whatever it takes to get the legislature to unfreeze the PPR funding formula, but our approach is as educators who are providing

the kinds of innovative public choices that the Charter Act was created for.


C3S staff and participating schools will hustle up to Albany to sit down with the Education Committee members so that they can hear first-hand the stories we need to tell. This is a chance for dispelling myths and conveying the positive attributes of our diverse school models that are often misrepresented in the media and politics.


Please contact Christine Nick for more information.


So far this school year, C3S has been building relationships with the Ford Foundation, NCLR, UNCF, NACSA, and other organizations who support our mission and are eager to partner with us on future programs and initiatives. We’ve met with City Hall insiders and made in-roads with the DoE regarding Pre-K contracts, creating an avenue for feedback and collaboration. C3S continues to work with NECSN and the NYC Charter School Center as our allies in advocacy.


C3S staff have visited with nearly half of the independent charter schools in New york City. These visits are the cornerstone of our grassroots approach to advocacy and remind us of the diversity and vibrancy of our schools.


Our advocacy efforts have been focussed on meeting with elected officials in NYC and Albany to remind them of the unique public educational options we offer and to seek their support on the issues that affect us. Stay tuned for meeting at a district office near you!


C3S also met with Susie Miller Barker, Executive Director at the SUNY Charter Schools Institute, to discuss multiple measures in

student and school assessments and how we might work together to develop better instruments for measuring success.


We hosted our first citywide Independent Charter School Fair on January 30th with over 20 schools participating. The families that attended got to learn about the charter school options in their neighborhood while their children enjoyed arts and crafts. We’re looking forward to hosting more borough-specific fairs next year.


On March 2 C3S will be sending a contingent of independent charter school leaders to Albany for a “legislative breakfast” to be hosted by Cathy Nolan for the Education Committee of the NYS Assembly -- what a fantastic way for us to talk, as educators, about our work.


On March 22nd, Steve Zimmerman will be addressing the NCLR board in Chicago about the role of independent charter schools play in public education.

And on April 9th C3S is going to host our first ever jobs fair at the Ingersoll Community Center. Please watch for the notice so that you can reserve a table.


C3S will be holding its first annual Independent Charter School Job Fair on April 9, 2016 at Ingersoll Community Center. Meet and greet with professionals in the education field: teachers, specialists, school leaders, operations and administrative staff. We hope to see you there! Details shortly.​


Does your parent organization need help? Is your website snappy and continually updated? Could your board use a session (or two) on the difference between oversight and micromanagement? COMING SOON: C3S Services, developed from our conversations with school leaders and data collected from our surveys.​